The rule of law:a comparative perspective : festschrift for Anton MJ Cooray on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday


其他題名:Festschrift for Anton MJ Cooray on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday

作者:edited by Guiguo Wang and Fan Yang


出版社:City University of Hong Kong Press

出版地:Hong Kong



At the end of June 2013, Professor Anton MJ COORAY retired from his position at the City University of Hong Kong School of Law after almost twenty-five years of loyal and productive service. During that time, he made a very substantial contribution to the success of the School, as well as to the study and practice of law both within and outside of Hong Kong.

This Festschrift has attracted contributions from not only his colleagues, but also a number of world-renowned scholars, who wished to convey through their contributions their enormous respect for his scholarship, leadership and gentlemanly bearing. 'The Rule of Law: a Comparative Perspective' has been chosen the theme of this Festschrift because it is one of the most important topics in the area of constitutional and administrative law, about which Professor COORAY has researched and written extensively.

Although the study of the 'rule of law' encompassed a very long list of fundamental legal principles or precepts, the thirteen chapters contained in this Festschrift fall into three main spheres: the rule of law from the perspectives of (1) international law, (2) domestic law and (3) law and religion. The excellent and original scholarship presented in this Festschrift contributes to the promotion of a better understanding of the concept of rule of law and its implications, including how the rule of law has interacted and continues to interact with international laws, domestic laws, and religions over time to meet the changing needs and aspirations of human dignity worldwide.

  • Foreword by Chief Justice Geoffrey MA(p.v)
  • 1. Introduction by Guiguo WANG and Fan YANG(p.1)
  • Index(p.327)