New trends of political participation in Hong Kong


作者:[edited by] Joseph Y.S. Cheng


出版社:City University of Hong Kong Press

出版地:Hong Kong


ISBN:978-962-937-233-0 ; 962-937-233-9

At a time when there is a developing ideological gap among generations and a degradation of trust between people and the institution of government, there are concerns whether young people’s political participation activities will continue to radicalize.

This volume in 15 chapters serves as a useful overview of various significant aspects of the new trends of political participation in Hong Kong. Written by a team of experts who have been astute observers of Hong Kong Politics, the book covers a wide spectrum of topics ranging from a conventional understanding of political participation (e.g., the activities of political parties and interest groups) to a more specialized form of participation (e.g., the relationships between government and legislators in policy-making). The study of the rise of new social movements by the Post-80s generation would be of particular interest to those who are keen to comprehend the sharpening inter-generational differences.

There will be a readership among academics and university students. This can also be a valuable reference for the media, policy-makers, or anyone interested in Hong Kong politics.

  • Preface ( Joseph Y. S. CHENG )(p.xiii)
  • List of Acronyms and Abbreviations(p.xxxiii)
  • List of Illustrations(p.xxxix)