Jump Into French


作者:by Sobaca


出版社:Andrews UK Limited


集叢名:Jump Into Languages:3


ISBN:978-1-907290-17-6 ; 1-907290-17-6

'It's a great feeling to know you can be who you are without fear or embarrassment. Our language courses are designed to be fun and easy to follow. The format is easy. You hear the words or phrases spoken in English followed by the translation - not once, but twice, with pauses in between allowing you maximum opportunity for learning. You'll be amazed at how quickly you pick it up using this proven system.
We have covered all of the most likely situations you may face and have prepared you with the key words and phrases most commonly used. In this modern age, you will most likely have a cell phone and wear a watch and consequently we have avoided tedious chapters on telling the time, counting, and things you can point to. Instead, we have replaced them with more of what you may need.
Our programmes are ideal if you are taking a short break or making a business trip. Everything from hiring a car, checking in to your hotel, sightseeing, shopping, eating out, from meeting people to dealing with emergencies is covered in topical chapters that you can access instantly on your audio player.
Make the most of your travels with our 'Jump Into' language courses, available in Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, and French. 'My friends laughed when the waiter walked up to me and asked what I wanted..... But when I ordered for everyone....'
Photograph by Ross Anania/Getty images

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